Saturday, June 20, 2009


sillhouets of happiness, shed silent tears,
to the broken loss of the crafted success,
for what was sacred that ran in blood,
was lost at altar,
at price of war,
decorated corpse, raise toast to life,
red isnt wine ,when bodies bled,
a gulp of blood,
a bite of flesh,
vultures of vanity fed to feast,
palaces of bones ,
dont last long,
they crumble at feet of love,
for whats eternal doesnt survive in shadows,
it burns in hearts,
and then blows in winds,
oh! fallen son of man,
rise beyond the knowledge,
ignorance has a gift to bestow,
redeem what failure has to teach,
that success is not always sweet,
the celebration of death,
would never beget,
and vacant earth to what regret,
when u wont have a soul to share,
not even hate , no one to fear,
so banish be thou,
in lonely success,
eternal lonely happiness!!!