Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the story

silence has finally given up, the frozen lake rose to its nemesis with one crack and its destiny lost forever, or rather i should say it reached its destiny. for long it had been known as the frozen mass of water which seemed harsh, shrill and very cold, unfathomable heart of lonely depths that invoked fear and curiosity at the same time.
for those who had tried to break its icy cover were lost forever, demons had devoured them, atleast, so said the people, fables replete with spirits and blood, languished along the eerie frost exacerbated by excruciating silence that swept over its surface, wafting across centuries, held still by gaze of the curse that had been bestowed upon it, punishing audacity of innocence that had once ruled the springs.
for all it was just the blooming love, and dash of youth, in the summer that had curdled the blood into the raging larva that had in one exalting outrage, devastated everything that came along its way. somewhere deep within the forest in the perifery of this lake , still echoes the songs that they created, their laughter , the fragrance of their bodies still lurks amidst the mossy earth.
some of the trees still stand witness to their caresses, their madness, their love making, their pleasures and their sins.
clandestine that it was, hidden from the prying eyes of the world that would have labelled their love into unspeakble acts of rebellion against the nature that sheltered them, they had been in love from the moment they had exchanged their first glance, and voice lost its meaning and purpose after that, for lips were silent if not entwined, and eyes talked , and their bodies celebrated the riot of love, and touch had gone beyond the confines of mundane senses, two boys, two men, soul-mates, who later had to pay the price , the ransom of their lives, slaughtered , buried, their graves at the altar of love!!!


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