Saturday, March 6, 2010

opening to a gay story- THE SON'S BOYFRIEND

The silence that brings life to a screeching halt begins to fade only when the past starts gnawing upon, he had fallen prey to the flawless poison, that our memories our. they soak you, drench you and then paralyse you. waves after waves of those silent memories were brewing the tempest within him. the final notes of the song that was playing were about to hit the crescendo and along with them he plunged several meters down into the maddening highway. 

He remembered his brown hair and sparkling eyes , sweet breath and before he could remember the touch he had touched the concrete.

later when they would see his room, they would find it in perfect order, no note, no wrinkles on his bedsheet, clothes folded , floor polished, books arranged, not even a speck of dust. And this was the only sign of anguish he would have left because vikas was never known for orderliness.

and even later he would realise that this wasnt an answer to the question that drove him to this extent. yes you read it right he survives! another gay guy will not die.

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