Saturday, March 6, 2010


vikram's apartment

it had been two days , vikram had not slept. he didnt know if he had done the right thing, abandoning vikas like that, but he knew he had to do it, or vikas would never be able to do what was required. he missed him terribly , more than he thought he would. to hold himslef from dialing that one numbr and hear his voice..

"damn the technology...why is it so easy to dial a number and talk !" he reviled the modern civilisation, but his bitterness was directed at his own inaptitude to sustain the separation. breaking up was so simple, and the suffering was simpler still.

yet when at that freakiest hour of the night when his cell phone rang, for a moment he dreaded if it was vikas, and yet he plunged towards it almost hoping that it be him. the call was dreadful.

bobby's house, chandigarh

pummy had just left, her sister was the only one she could have talked it about. " kuch ni honda bobby didi, tussi inni tension na lo " she had said. " just get our vikki married to a nice kudi, and she'll charm him away from that prick" she assured and showed a stash of photgraphs mostly showing photoshopped pictures of daughters of wealthy punjabi business men.

she had left after a hearty meal of butter chicken and roti. atleast food was something that seemed to provide bobby some solace. her own son had deserted her. first the husband and then the son. she had threatened to disown him and never ever to speak again with him. his words still resounded in his ears. the arguments still piereced like shards of glass.

her vikki was never like that. such an obidient boy. mummma's boy. and now he was ....."that scoundrel..what all did he do to my poor baby". two  days had passed. vikas had gone to delhi. she had been calling but he wasnt recieving any calls. 

yet when the call did come it was the least of what she had ever expected!!

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